Game Designer 2D Artist

Music Composer Musician

Max Robert Arnborg



Adventure in King Caries Land

Platform: Steam - Pc/Mac/Linux

Game Engine: Godot 3.1

Genre: Classic Platform Game

Defeat King Caries!

Save the Tooth Fairy!

  • A Super Toothy, 2D, Musically Induced, Action, with a little Adventure, Platformer Game, Inspired by Retro Classics from Before.
  • 14 Action Packed Levels
  • All Kinds of Hand Animated 2D Sprite Characters, Ranging From Peter Pizzas to Sally Sausages to Pumpkins and FrankenTooth
  • Jump and Eat Those Foods to Survive(what are you gonna do? A tooth has to eat...)
  • Use the Tooth Paste and Floss Whip to Help You Traverse the Dangerous Lands of King Caries
  • Pimp Your Tooth, Find Items Throughout the Game to Make Your Tooth Look "Kewl"
  • All Original Orchestral and Chip-Tune Soundtrack by Max Robert: "Where Video Game Blipp Blopp Chip-Tune Meets Orchestra."

Team: Solo developed, programming, 2d art/animation

Max Robert Arnborg

Special Thanks to:

Sophie Rodin

Daniel Yousefi

Karin Nilsen

Without you this game wouldn't have been made :)

Uprising VR

Platform: PC, VR

Game Engine: Unity

Genre: Non-violent single player VR-game

Non-violent single player VR-game. An atmospheric, Swedish dystopian spy thriller with sneaking and puzzle solving. 

  • Move by swinging arms in running motion
  • Infiltrate the HQ at night
  • Slip through the security and avoid patrolling drones
  • Blind surveilence cameras with your spray can
  • Several different and unique puzzles
  • Access ventilation, ride along shelves and scout ahead with your RC-car

Team: Six week project, by 15 designers and 23 artists from Forsberg's School

My work effort:

3D level design in Pro Builder in Unity and asset implementation 

credit to Simon Arvebrink for game info

Deer Friends

Platform: Mobile Mac/Android

Game Engine: Unity

Genre: Puzzle Game


2D Artists/Animators:

Nomi Bontegard

Theodor Rönnudd

Game Design:

Max Robert Arnborg

Inner Demons - Proof of Concept/Prototype

Platform: Pc, Mac, Linux

Game Engine: Godot 3.1

Genre: Psychological Horror/Music Game


Lead Programmer:

John Victor Dahl

Game Design, Music and Art:

Max Robert Arnborg

Dino Punk

Platform: Pc

Game Engine: Unity

Genre: Schmupp


2D Artists/Animators:

Marius Nilsson

Julian Jansson

Jasmin Deza

Game Design:

Max Robert Arnborg

Philip Lundius


Viktor Granström

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